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40 people share their learning’s from previous relationships

  1. You can’t make people love you back the way you love them
  2. Never beg someone to stay. If someone decides to leave you, you can’t make them stay forever.
  3. You don’t own people; your partner is not your slave or toy
  4. Communication is key in any relationship, if you hide things from your partner they will start getting impatient and unwanted
  5. Don’t change yourself to please your partner, one day you will get tired of the fake person in you.
  6. Surprise your partner occasionally, surprises are a happy blast in relationships
  7. If he/she cheated on someone else for you, you will be the next.
  8. There could be millions of reason of them for not being with you anymore, you cannot do anything.
  9. Never ever go back to your ex, which would be like stabbing your back twice
  10. Love is not blind, soon you will see everything
  11. If they run away from fights they are not serious about you, if they fight, they wanna stay with you
  12. Give yourself to those, who give themselves to you
  13. You don’t deserve to stay in an abusive or mentally torturing relationship.
  14. The person who is more attached will always suffer more during, and even after the breakup.
  15. If you yourself keep your self respect down, you’ll always be taken for granted.
  16. Only those relationships work where there is equality, maturity and active vocal communication about the problems, from both sides.
  17. Don’t let the other control you. (You’ll regret later) .
  18. Love might happen twice but what you felt for your first love, you’ll never be able to feel that again for ‘anyone’.
  19. The person for whom you cry at night won’t stay. (trust me)
  20. Nothing can heal the pain of breaking up but just time. Time makes us used to live with it.
  21. You can’t be friends with someone you’ve been in relationship with before.
  22. It’s human nature to take things for granted, specially in long term relationships. They’ll always look for something better once the infatuation phase ends.
  23. Distance yourself from your partner from time to time. It will help you see your relationship in a proper perspective.
  24. The person that loves less in the relationship is the one in control of the relationship. It’s important to set a balance of power between you two or else one of you will definitely get hurt.
  25. Everyone loves the idea of being in Love but fail to Love in reality.
  26. Ever heard You deserve better than me or I never deserved you from themRelax they just want to end it acting as a nice person.
  27. Before setting your relationship goals, set your career goals.
  28. Never be in rebound relationships, don’t be just a shoulder for anyone
  29. Don’t hookup with someone to forget your past.
  30. Learn to say ‘NO’ if you’re not ready for anything.
  31. The blame game is a sure sign things will never work out
  32. People will test you to see how much they can get away with
  33. People speak different languages of Love
  34. The more mature you become, the more calculative love becomes.
  35. Sex isn’t love, regardless how passionate the sex is. If there’s no “respect” or “ true friendship”, when it gets rough, things won’t hold up, it will crumble.
  36. A man who will hold off his sexual desires for you in order to build a solid friendship first is a keeper. He’s in it for a solid reason.
  37. ‘Right time to leave’ is a myth. Don’t wait for the right time to end it. It won’t be smooth even if you try your best.
  38. Be alert. Most of them are trying to wipe out loneliness in life,they don’t want love, they just want a company.
  39. If he is a typical ‘Mumma’s boy’ most probably your life is ruined.
  40. If she is a typical ‘Daddy’s angel’ and loves going for shopping with her dad’s money despite knowing her dad has taken huge loans for money, probably your life is ruined. She will treat you as an ATM card.

Source: Quora

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